A day on the Home and Away set

Two friends of ours (the handsome Saul and a beautiful unnamed lady) went to real-life Summer Bay, and here are the results.  Click the photos to see them full-size!

Meanwhile, on telly H&A, Nicole had her baby and wants to keep it. It’s heartbreaking really. She’s a good wee actor, that one. Also, Indy was wearing MC Hammer pants and has a stalker.

I’m sorry, I’m driving through a tunnel, goodbye Dex.





8 responses to “A day on the Home and Away set”

  1. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off

    OHMYGOD. This is a landmark day. These have turned my morning right around. Particularly the one with Will.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Me too. I am very excited.

  3. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Any more of any River Boys?!

  4. strikemeroan Avatar

    Look at beardy Will! He must be on the run somewhere with no razors. Real-life Bianca and Heath seem to be getting on very well – perhaps another behind-the-scenes romance on the cards?!

  5. Constable Watson Avatar

    Oh I am _so jealous_. Seriously sickened. Especially of the one with Will! But why do they pretend that it’s so warm all the time when it’s clearly baltic at the moment there, judging by the crew!

  6. Kanger Roo Avatar
    Kanger Roo

    That is all!

  7. Ailsa Avatar

    Come with us, look behind the veil oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

  8. Saul Avatar

    The hardest challenge was keeping the beautiful unnamed woman away from Will and Romeo, as you can see in the fight photo.
    Also, I have to mention the photographer Tom, for doing a wonderful job. And yes, I mean the original Tom. As well as haunting the caravan park, he’s pretty nifty with a camera.

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