Ship to shore

Given the way Marilyn was smothering Nicole she must have felt like saying “I’m on maternity, get me out of here!” She had enough of Marilyn’s schedule and girl’s day in, it was all getting too much. So when Angelo called over to see how she was doing, she took the opportunity to bail. Out of there like she stole something.

The two mates went down to the pier to see Romeo cleaning Alf’s boat. They begged the young layabout to let them on board and take the Blaxland out for a cruise. He relented, theft of property is no big deal when you have an ex YCPD Sergeant on board.

Angelo suggested Romeo start taking the boat out for charter cruises, like Hugo used to do. Maybe Romeo will get into people smuggling too. It would probably be more profitable that his surf school which isn’t going too well so far. He didn’t seem too impressed when the redhead boy turned up for his first lesson. IS he trying to say redheads can’t surf?





3 responses to “Ship to shore”

  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    I can’t imagine Romeo having the required level of brain power necessary to get involved in anything illegal.

  2. PeterKevin Avatar

    I stand vindicated. Romeo has just hired a total stranger to work on the boat with him. Well, Billy is a stranger to everyone In SB except Elijah whose face and ribs he just bashed in… Watch out Roo and Morag…..

  3. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Nicole is 3 days over due? This really is a warp speed pregnancy!

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