Doctor in da house

Marilyn, it turns out has rubbish taste in music. Dr Sid, on the other hand, has way more street cred with his tunes. He name checked Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The two of them seem to be drifting apart now. I can see a lot of problems ahead. Marilyn is getting very paranoid especially about Sid getting close to Roo.

How long before Angelo and Nicole start getting it on? I hope something happens there, they are both sound. No doubt it will after the way she was groping him while applying fake tan.

Charlie is still living in easy street. It took all of 5 minutes for her to drop her guard and take it to the next level with Brax. Then she criticised Ruby for going out with somebody who’s wrong for her. Maybe Charlie needs to take a bit of her own medicine.





4 responses to “Doctor in da house”

  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    Poor Marilyn, all those self esteem issues coming to the surface now. Sid and Roo did seem a bit comfy in each others company alright.

    Nic and Angelo, I hope so. He deserves a break after dating Control Freak Charlie. What’s the betting that they get together, Nic decides to keep the Child Of Penn and they slip away from the Bay leaving a heartbroken Marilyn in their wake ….

    One word for April’s OCD. Yawn.

  2. PeterKevin Avatar

    By the way , Home and Away is gone from RTE for the week. Dunno why.

  3. Joe Smith Avatar
    Joe Smith

    Love the way Nicole applied the fake tan to Angelo’s chest and back…only to have him decked out in a fetching “swimsuit” that completely covered his torso…

  4. strikemeroan Avatar

    I believe the term for the shorts is ‘smuggling device’, a rather brilliant description coined by the Palmer

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