Thabo no more

  • Roo’s back
  • Miles saw her in the nip
  • Elijah told Leah he loves her
  • There was a hooley in Angelo’s
  • Miles did shots
  • Sid was called out to the hospital
  • Thabo died
  • Sid went back to the party
  • We bet Grace heads back to Zimbabwe

8 thoughts on “Thabo no more”

  1. Roo is acting really mental. Whatever her Dark Secret is, it’s bound to come out soon.

    Aaaaaargh Elijah is so annoying! He is always rabbiting on about sticking to his principles, but changes his mind about the whole Grace/Leah situation every 5 minutes. Not looking forward to seeing more of his super annoying puppy-eyes distressed expression

  2. Really not liking Elijah. Is he just there as product placement for Abercrombie and Fitch?

  3. Elijah is like the Australian version of the Hulk.
    No priests I know kick ass and kiss diner owners like him.
    He seriously gets annoying!
    Leah needs to check herself;she married Vinnie and Dan-she can do better!
    Speaking of Dan, does sexy Peter never pop back and visit his sis-in-law?

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