Nicole found the only fella in all of Australia who wouldn’t mind her being knocked up by a dead psycho; that’s pretty good going.  The whole experience has reminded her that she’s so much more than a gestational carrier.  Marilyn’s none too impressed though.

Brax set Angelo up by creating a fake drug deal.  Angelo rang Charlie, who was on it quicker than lightning (why did they break up?).  Now Brax knows where he stands with ex-Officer Risotto.

Angelo must be lacking in the restaurant management department.  First he was taking money from Penn, now Brax. Has he ever turned a profit?

Dr. Sid assisted in Thabo heart operation.  Come on, Sid, Rachel would have done that single-handedly and with her eyes closed.



3 thoughts on “Amazing”

  1. Never thought i’d say this but i actually miss Rachel! Still, they couldn’t possible have more than one useful talking doctor in the hospital at any one time so Sid will have to do!

  2. Noo… definitely don’t miss Rachel … who could forget that scene where she rolled over in the bed and thought she’d smothered her own child!
    Sid was quite disappointing in the hospital though – is he the first doctor in Summer Bay who just works in the emergency ward…he doesn’t seem to have all the other (pschiatrist, psychologist, counsellor, oncologist, neurosurgeon) skills required in that hospital…

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