Month: April 2011

  • Doctor in da house

    Marilyn, it turns out has rubbish taste in music. Dr Sid, on the other hand, has way more street cred with his tunes. He name checked Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The two of them seem to be drifting apart now. I can see a lot of problems ahead. Marilyn is getting very paranoid especially…

  • Kim Hyde likes Horse Outside

    Ah, he sounds like a grand chap.

  • Romeo’s revolt

    School is such a drag. Gina and Miles were getting me down, trying to get me to follow the rules and go to class. There’s no way I’m going to let them tell me, Romeo, what to do. That’s why I’ve decided to tell them to stick it. Gina, Miles, the HSE, they can all…

  • Saint Elijah, patron saint of homeless youth

    Good job Grace fecked off, Elijah is up to his oxters with this new position. He’s helping out at a homeless shelter for young people. Summer Bay kept this facility nicely under wraps. I suppose it doesn’t fit in with the image of a beach paradise. Liam forgot about his sexy date with Bianca and…

  • Good luck Grace

    Good luck Grace

    Ah poor Grace. Thabo’s nurse dobbed her in to the authorities, then Morag wouldn’t perjure herself by defending her sham of a marriage. So Grace is off home, leaving Elijah with her blessing to get his freak on with Leah. Very gracious of her (geddit?). She even told him that God hadn’t left him at…

  • Best. Job. Ever.

    Commenter Fitz mentioned this yesterday,  Channel 5 have started a competition to find a Home and Away reporter.  I’d say it would be nearly as good as writing for the Coastal News.

  • Second chance for love?

    It was a second first date for Indigo and Romeo. He sent her a hamper and that persuaded her to let him take him on a picnic by the sea. They went through a “getting to know you” stage and asked all the right questions. But despite some progress, Indy couldn’t help but imagine Romeo…

  • Kim Hyde aka Thor

    Not satisfied with heading off to the city with Kit and baby Archie, Kim Hyde has discovered within himself great Norse powers. Turns out he was Thor, god of thunder,  all along! Does that mean Barry is Odin?

  • Morag’s off

    Nooooooooooooooooo, don’t leave us Morag!  Although she will be back.

  • House swap

    It’s all change in the bay. Bianca had enough of the tent and moved in with Irene and April. It didn’t seem as if she asked Irene beforehand but that wasn’t a problem. Liam was initially stubborn but then decided he too should ditch the tent.  He moved in with Angelo and his new housemate,…