This baby’s ruining my life!

Ooh, Nicole got seduced by the glamour of college life. She even met a nice boy at her very first college party. Sweet. Pity she’s up the duff.

Dr. Sid and Marilyn have agreed to look into other options, in case Nicole sees the chisler and wants it for her very own. Sensible. However, when they told Nicole, she threw a mickeyfit. This storyline will probably swing back and forth until she has the baby.

I forgot that Morag and Marilyn are mates. Flathead pointed out that Marilyn used to be Morag’s housekeeper, but that’s long before my H&A time.

Alf handed over control of the Surf Club to JP. He’s taking some me-time. I bet he goes to visit Sally/be in a West End show.





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  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    Nic’s whinging is seriously off putting. “I can’t even do up the zip on my jeans”! What did she expect when she decided to go ahead and have the Child Of Penn, that pregnancy would make her thinner? By way, has no-one told her mum( whose name I have forgotten) or jailbound Roman what going on?

    Indi and Romeo head for Splitsville and Ruby is waiting in the wings, all flirty and flaky as usual as she continues her quest to become the next Martha.

    Line of the week , Romeo tells Xavier to “man up”. So he does and finds out that April is a budding eco terrorist and thief. Bet he wished he stayed dumb.

  2. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Remember Martha used go out with Roman. Does this technically make her the possible step-grandmother of Child of Penn? And then Roo the step-great grandmother and Alf the step-great-great grandfather? Alf is H&As Pat Butcher, related to everyone!!

  3. strikemeroan Avatar

    That’s brilliant! I love the incestous madness that is H&A, with Alf Stewart as the number one silverback gorilla

  4. PeterKevin Avatar

    Stone the crows!! I thought us Bakers were bad with the incestuous madness but we’re a distant second to them Stewarts!!!!

  5. PeterKevin Avatar

    Ah yes, Nic has now rediscovered her mother. Sid does’nt really want the baby and fesses up to Morag but pretends to Marilyn that all is well. Oh dear.

    Had to wear my shades when Morag was on screen. The colours are way too dazzling……

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