Banjo-playing backwater

Well, Alf is out and he’s ready for a scrap.  He’s raging against the changes made to the surf club in his absence by the original JP.  Personally, I don’t think they’re too outrageous.  Paying for parking after four hours is fair enough.  How could you spend four solid hours in the surf club anyway?

Despite his new-found vigour, Alf has also emerged as the most forgiving man in all Australia.  First he had a chinwag to Irene, who was ready to see him locked away for life.  Then he hightailed it down to the cop shop for a tete-a-tete with Will, even convincing him to speak to Lilly before he went down.

Will turned out to be a bit of a tragic figure.  He’s off to jail and for a long time, be the sound of it.  I’m living for the day when Gypsy shows up.

Lilly seemed happy enough with her da’s explanation of what happened.  So much so that she gave Veej his first kiss.  Cute!

Morag and Colleen deserve their own spin-off show.  Their repartee is delicious.

6 thoughts on “Banjo-playing backwater”

  1. Major zingers in that episode – ‘I won’t let this town become a run-down, banjo-playing backwater like Mangrove River’, and what Alf said about the Palmer’s idea for a celebrity surfathon – something about no-pie half-baked reality stars prancing around in bikinis or something…

    You could look at Alf and John Palmer as two sides of the same generation – community values vs naked capitalism or something….first ever PhD thesis based on Home and Away, anyone?!

  2. Sure people will spent four hours in the brilliant gym facilities that the surf club offers.

  3. Bring on posse of angry Mangrove River residents, it’s just what the Bay needs…..

  4. And so it came to pass. The Mangrovians came to town and “brightened” up the Singles Night!!! Well someone had to, with Leah, Charlie and Beeyanka as the star attractions. I can see Angelo being shut down pretty soon and not because he can’t pay his bills.

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