The truth is revealed!  At last we know whodunit.  Will finished Penn off with Alf’s knife.  Daria/Shandi knew the story and was there while it happened.

Alf is in the clear now and Will’s going away for a long time unless he can convince the court it was self defence. He’ll be banged up in the big house.

Who’ll take care of Lilly now?  She should go back to her mother Gypsy but I wouldn’t be surprised if Irene tried to keep her.

I’m glad that’s over with.  Penn was a pain in the hole.  Will did us all a favour by stabbing him. But the inquest has dragged on for bleedin’ ages.  Is it time that Det Robert Robertson fecked off now?

9 thoughts on “Revelations”

  1. RR was smooth at the beginning, but since he’s starting wearing wetsuits and sucking up to Leah, he’s turning into just another boring Summer Bay Super Bod

  2. But, but, but, how did Alf have the knife and why did he burn it? I miss Penn, it was great seeing him alive and psychotic again.

  3. After twenty-odd years someone finally made a wise decision in Summer Bay….Irene called the cops and ratted on Will. Well done Irene – we salute you!

  4. I missed these crucial episodes. No fun watching them on the player now I know the gist of what happened – my only question is, why did Will go for Penn in the first place?

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