Handy Shandi

So, who was Shandi? Oooooh. She must have been some killer spy type. Or maybe she was Penn’s sister, swooping in from the city to exact revenge. Or a jilted lover. Or another mental case. But…why is Will protecting her? Strange, very strange. In any case, Alf is screwed unless Will comes back and tells all.

April is moving back in with Irene. She didn’t seem to ask Irene first, but, stuff it, she won’t mind.






2 responses to “Handy Shandi”

  1. God Save Ireland Avatar
    God Save Ireland

    So how many people are now living with Irene?!
    John Palmer and Alf need to get their heads together soon and tackle the homelessness problem.
    Liam and Bianca live in a shack with a fair outside, (let’s hope no students wander by)
    Charlie is bunking with Leah, Irene has all the wanderers and yet just one bathroom never seems to bother them, and of course everyone else lives at Miles’.
    Why he doesn’t kick them out to the caravans and make them pay I’ll never know!

  2. Justice Bellingham Avatar
    Justice Bellingham

    Maybe Miles isn’t really in Africa. He tried to evict them all, Alf, Roo, Nicole, Marilyn, Romeo but they turned on him and now we’re just waiting on an unidentified body to turn up in the bush?

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