Speedy Gonzales!

Jaysus. All of a sudden it’s Bianca and Vittorio’s wedding day! Here’s what happened:

  • Bianca’s makeup was shocking, like Lily drew it on with a crayon. Also she was a weird colour.
  • Liam showed up looking extremely unkempt.
  • Bianca jilted Vittorio at the altar and went off with Liam on his motorbike. Not surprising.
  • Romeo, in an uncharacteristic move, punched Vittorio for no reason.
  • Alf gave Vittorio “sling yer hook” eyes.
  • Everyone started clapping! No sympathy for the Prince.
  • Gina and John saved the day by getting married instead. Eh, don’t you need paperwork down unda? And WHAT ABOUT BANDICOOT?
  • Ruby fell in love with Romeo when she spied him kissing Indi. She is a nutter.
  • There were some class shapes thrown at the wedding. Special mentions go to Veej and John.
  • Joanna made April go back to Europe with her.
  • Nicole confessed to Marilyn that she’s pregnant. Who’re ya having it for? Penn! Oooooh!
  • Robert of the House of Robertson rocked up to the wedding and arrested Alf.
  • Will stormed off very guiltily.
  • Sid looked confused.
  • Alf looked stoic.

Was that the most dramatic episode of all time?

7 thoughts on “Speedy Gonzales!”

  1. Ruby is very swiftly making her way through the entire male population of Summer Bay! Could she possibly be the biggest tramp/stalker lady that OZ has ever seen??

  2. That would be Selena. Everyone knew she was a sure thing if you bought her a pack of chewing gum.

  3. Gina’s such a cheapskate she just didn’t want to pay for her own wedding! I admit I was a little emotional at that last scene of Alf in the back seat of the cop car FADING TO BLACK. Will is a dirty grass!
    Bianca wasn’t the only one with disastrous makeup – did you see Nicole’s neon lipstick?!?

  4. Quite simply one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen, especially the music at the end.

    Nic looked mank all right. They were probably trying to make her look “rough” for her big announcement.

  5. Kinda disappointing that it was straight back the next evening. Down unda, they had 6 weeks of tension before it appeared back on screen so slightly anti-climactic.

  6. That has to be the funniest episode ever. I don’t think I stopped laughing. Wasn’t that the most low key Royal Wedding ever…not a paparazzi in sight.

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