Runaway bride?

Bianca is distraught.  Her Ma gave her a dressing down after copping on to the fact that Bianca was having doubts. Bianca is very easily swayed and can be talked into a life changing decision in a few minutes.  She’s caught between her heart and April telling her to go for Liam while her head and her mother are saying to go for Vittorio.

All of the pressure is making Bianca crack.  It seems like she’s feeling the pressure.  Bringing events to their logical conclusion, I think she’s going to leave poor Vittorio at the altar. She’ll run down the aisle and hop onto the back of Liam’s bike and ride off into the sunset.  Heart rules head every time in Summer Bay.

4 thoughts on “Runaway bride?”

  1. I think it will go down to the wire as well. Beeeeyanka, as her beloved calls her, will make a run from the altar and leave him heartbroken. Not to mention the shock for her new BF and bridesmaid Charlie who will be back to that look of shock/horror/disappointment that she normally wears. Still she got one day off to have a laugh with the girls and now its back to dreary disappointments.

    Indy is now taking Ruby’s place as Great Whiner of Summer Bay. No wonder Sid lost the rag with her.

    And what about Leah then ? One liquid lunch and she’s making advances to RR at the cop shop. Mind you given that most of her life lately has been a disaster, who could begrudge her a little fun!!!

  2. It gets worse. Bianca is pathetic. I feel sorry for Liam. Why does he not clear off and go back to being a rock star? Then Gina steps in marries John! Who will pay or has Vittorio already shelled out for everything. Now Nicole announces she’s pregnant!! How long is it since her liaison with Penn. He’s been dead for a while now and she had to wait ages to see if she was hiv positive. Don’t the writers have any idea of time scales. It gets more and more unrealistic!!

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