Mamma Mia!

Oh look at Bianca and April’s ma!  She’s improbably young.  Liam had quite the glint in his eye when he met her.  Nice ruse by April by the way, get Liam over for “guitar lessons” in the hopes that he and Bianca will fall for each other again.  Mammy Joanna is on Team Prince Vittorio though.

Marilyn is putting her affairs in order before she croaks it, what with her end date coming up.  She gave Romeo and Indy five big ones so that they can have their formal AKA debs in Angelo’s.  I smell a disaster; they’re gonna wreck the gaff.  Sid must be going mental humouring Marilyn – she does something mad in every episode.

6 thoughts on “Mamma Mia!”

  1. Mamma Mia ! She’s a great addition to the Bay , now we know why April and Bianca behave the way they do! Her cutting remarks remind me of my lovely Amanda in her heyday. No wonder Mamma wants Vit and Bianca together, she wants young Liam all to herself.

    And yes the informal formal will be a disaster. What’s the betting that Angelo will be looking at a burnt out shell of his restaurant by the end of the week?

  2. I miss Amanda! This new Evil Cougar is good though. I’d say even Liam would be too old for her though – a jailbait stud like Romeo would be more her type.

    Bets are on as to who’ll get blind drunk on three beers at the informal formal and have to go to rehab. My money’s on Indy cos she has So Many Problems

  3. Did anyone else notice that Bianca and Aprils ma is Fran from strictly ballroom?? I love it when my fave aussie things come together! Now for her to do her famous paso doble ballroom moves at Bianca and Vittorios wedding!

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