7 thoughts on “Teen pregnancy en route”

  1. Ha knew it! She’s obvs doing a Natalie Portman – ie announce engagement and bun in oven within weeks of each other.

    In an unrelated aside, was I the only one who found the exchange between Liam and Vittorio when they were cleaning rubbish and Liam called ‘Vittorio the biggest tool I’ve ever met – and I’ve worked in the music industry’ and Vit said ‘But where will Bianca sleep tonight’ hilarious and full of double entrendre?? Primarily cos I was full convinced Vittorio was gonna say: ‘Where will Bianca sleep tonight….beside the BIGGEST TOOL [nudge, wink!] in the world!!’

    I think I’m just a 12-year old boy at heart…..

    Also, no H&A lunchtime tday cos of stupid Dail broadcast! Get Detective Robertson in there to sort those clowns out & stop them taking over the TV…

  2. Em….in the same vein as Ted explaining near far away to Dougal….Tessa the actress is engaged and Nicole the character is up the Damien 🙂

  3. What cracked me up about Vittorio and Liam’s little talk was Vittorio’s accent. For a sec he was so very nearly Puerto Rican it was hillarious! It’s definitely cracking more and more…

  4. It seems like a long time ago since Nic and Penn were a proper couple so how far along is she ? After the “needle in the sand” incident , Nic had all those tests and didn’t Sid say that the results would take months ? Presumably , she and Penn didn’t do the deed after that incident or if they did surely they would have been ultra careful cos she might have had some virus or other? Nic and the family were celebrating the results of the tests a few weeks ago so presumably the months had passed by now. She is showing no signs of pregnancy at all. I thought that something was going to emerge when she and Sid had their chat on the beach but in the end they only talked about Marilyn and him the the LUUURVE.
    Allowing for the weird time sense in H & A though , its all probably only been a few weeks.

    Will gets a prize for the least convincing Meltdown I have ever seen. Geoff ( remember him ?) would be more convincing.

  5. Ah, but didn’t Nic confess to RobRob that she was in Penn’s hotel room on the night he died? Maybe they did the doirty then.

  6. Have to say I don’t like this new idea of what’s to come. We have seen Marilyn’s encounter with the car at least twice.Can’t we be left to imagine how her demise will happen? How long before Bianca goes? She’s such a bore. Is Miles coming back or is he doing some form of vso. I love the detective except for his treatment of the lovely Alf. He and Leah our really suited.

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