Return of the Bay

Yahoo Home and Away is back.  I’m glad to see not much has changed. You still have to book your flight and leave the Bay the very same day, as demonstrated by Vittorio and Shandi.  However, Vittorio decided to hang back and take it to the next level with Bianca.  Just in time, Vittorio, because Rockstar Liam Murphy is ringing yer missus.

Ruby fancies her driving instructor, and the feelings are mutual.  So much so that it makes her act like a moron down the Diner.  She’s really good at parallel parking though.





2 responses to “Return of the Bay”

  1. strikemeroan Avatar

    Yay it returns! Poor Ozzies at the mo suffering those crazy floods. Alf Stuart and his team of orange-vested lifesavers (what are they called again? I should remember, the Christmas break has made my brain go blank) would be very handy in Queensland right now.

  2. Mick O'Brien Avatar
    Mick O’Brien

    Love H&A although have haven’t watched it religiously over the past few years, i have managed to catch an episode or two and have started watching it full time the past year. This was because of a trip to Australia in 2009 when we visited the location and manage to meet 5/7 of the cast and saw at least half the cast. They happened to be filming the movie festival at the time so need most of the cast there and we watched them filming the whole day.

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