Month: December 2010

  • Hammer of the gods

    Once we knew him as Kim Hyde but now you will have to refer to him as Thor. Between this and the Star Trek film last year, Chris Hemsworth is doing pretty well for himself.  You can expect Kenneth Branagh’s film to hit your screens sometime in the new year.

  • This might ease the pain…a small bit

    Dear SummerBayWatcher, No doubt you are feeling the pain now that “Home and Away” is off our screens. May I suggest that you watch “Fade Street” on the RTE Player. There’s an outstanding character called Paul. He’s no Alf Stewart but he’s a helluva man all the same. Yours, Ailsa

  • Today’s episode

    On today’s episode of Home and Away…….nothing happened! Our beloved escape to the land of Oz is on sabbatical. Forget the bankers and bailouts, this is a disgrace.

  • Break x 2

    Robert Robertson is slowly uncovering the Penn case. What’s Nicole hiding? She was very shifty when he asked her about the sequins. Anyway, how many different types of sequins can there be? Alf and Miles denied all knowledge of Tulip O’Hare, but Alf showed his true colours later when he visited her grave. RR and…

  • A few nuts short of a squirrel house

    Alf really does have an amazing turn of phrase. Even Robert Robertson agrees. Charlie got a nighttime visit from Mr. Stewart. He felt the need to tell her about Tulip O’Hare, then swore her to secrecy, seemingly all the while forgetting that she’s a cop. At cop breakfast the next morning, Charlie told RR everything.…

  • Robbie Rob Rob

    Yahooooo Robert Robertson is back in the Bay, complete with hotshot lady assistant. He’s looking for Leah. Uh-oh. She went to Africa just in time. Alf wasted no time in telling RR that Penn’s a mongrel. Way to not incriminate yourself, Stewie.