Mitzi bhocht

Well, that’s the end of Mitzi. She did some good stirring before she headed off to the old psychic’s home in the sky. She told Marilyn she made up her death vision, then separately, told Sid it was real. So her annoying storyline lives on. I bet sometihng dramatic will happen to Marilyn that day, but she won’t die.

Indy put on some clothes and decided to write her ma a letter, expressing her feelings about Mommy robbing her boyfriend. My feelings are – yuck.

Dexter’s Laboratory ran out on his date with Pet Shop Girl to get advice from Romeo and Indy. Understandably PSG effed off.





3 responses to “Mitzi bhocht”

  1. PeterKevin Avatar

    Mitzi Bocht indeed. A sad loss to the Bay.

    Trust Dex to turn to the wrong people advice on Romance! He should have asked his da. BM,(before Marilyn)Sid was very popular with the cailini. And by the sound of it, Mrs Sid was no shrinking in that department either.

  2. Rack Off Avatar
    Rack Off

    I bet mitzi was buried in a maxi dress

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Ha ha HA! A maxi dress. Of course she was.

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