Cat show at Mangrove River

So, Miles told Leah ’twas him who helped Veej write to Elijah.  Leah went mental, then calmed down and called around to the caravan park with a confession.  She’s been writing to Elijah every day since he left.  Where in the name of God did she get the time to do that?  No wonder she’s so flustered.

All this talk of Elijah makes me think he might be coming back.  Normally when someone leaves the Bay, they’re never/rarely heard of again.  For example, Dani, Jade, Kirsty, Cassie, Rhys, Shelly, Tasha, Geoff, Robbie, and the list goes on.

In another unusual H&A move, no-one has found out about Hugo’s money.  Well, Charlie knows, but it’s not public knowledge.  What’s that about?  Anyway well done to the writers for not following their usual path!

6 thoughts on “Cat show at Mangrove River”

  1. Yawnsville. Does anyone think that Leah and Veej will go and live with Elijah in somewhere wartorn and weatherbattered?

    I’ve been wondering too – what happened to the huge amount of money that Penn gave to Tony for the boxing club? Has Tony taken it and run? Has Penn not noticed?

    Also, found this: Will is coming back!

  2. And what about Leah fainting, etc? I thought that was gonna be a pregnancy.
    Totally forgot about the Penn money. What was the point of that?

    Ooooh to Will’s return. I’ll do a post!

  3. Elijah has to come back. Or else Leah will get word that he’s actually after dying or something.

  4. Ooh, a pregnancy would have been great! Elijah would have *had* to come back and marry her then! Or else he’d be a minister with an illegitimate child, right?

    With Marilyn in the scenes so much this week, I keep looking for signs of terminal illness. She is REMARKABLY healthy looking.

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