Eating everything

In that episode, Miles strolled into the diner, and, on not being attended to immediately, shouted “I’m eating everything”, in the vain hope of rousing some service. However, eating everything is his default position, so no-one batted an eyelid. Plus, Leah was lying face-down in the kitchen. AND she wrecked a load of eggs. Turns out she’s working too hard.

I hope Mr. Risotto takes heed. He is working in Angelo’s day and night, and Officer Buxton is not impressed. In fairness, the restaurant is only open about three days. No wonder he’s keeping an eye on things.

Lastly, Romeo and Indigo smooched. Never saw that one coming. Mwah!

6 thoughts on “Eating everything”

  1. Do you suppose Leah is pregnant maybe? Usually ‘How strange, I’m not feeling too good for no particular reason’ is followed by a knocked up revelation. That would throw a spanner in the Rev’s good works.

  2. It will have to be a miracle baby then. Didn’t Flynn mess up on an Leah’s operation at some stage and the result was that she can’t have any no more babies?

  3. But she was a surrogate mum for Sally when she was having Little Pippa – maybe that was before the botched op?
    Speaking of Little Pippa, I wonder how long before she comes back from Singapore or wherever she is as a mouthy teen?

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