Up to date

After a brief sabbatical, we’ve returned from holidays.  It seems that the bay has been busy in our absence.  From what I can gather, the main talking points of the last week are:

  • Ruby got hammered and threw herself at Liam before puking in his toilet. Despite that, he rejected her advances.
  • Bianca scrapped with Palmer and got herself and April kicked out. Never one to turn away a stray, Irene took them in on a whim.
  • Leah is a bit mopey because Elijah is gone. Maybe she needs to take up another martial art, that worked the last time she got depressed.
  • Angelo is working himself into the ground. In fairness to him, the new restaurant looks great. I’d love to call in for a plate of tapas or two.
  • Tony hit the roof because Rachel decided to go to America without his approval. He does have a point there.

Did I miss anything?

3 thoughts on “Up to date”

  1. I’m confused. Angelo is Italian and this may be a sweeping generalisation but I was expecting his restaurant to be serving pizzas and various pasta dishes. Tapas are Spanish aren’t they?

  2. Well, they are Spanish but in SB they are probably just known as “foreign food”. So that’s grand. I was hoping for a risotto from Officer Rosetta myself, though.

  3. Angelo is Italian but clearly not very, unlike Bianca who has demonstrated to be properly Italian you have to throw in a bit of the aul Italian into every conversation you have and generally mumble in Italian as you go about the place.

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