Dex 4 Marilyn 4 eva

Marilyn was not impressed when she realised Alf and Miles had painted clothes onto Mr. Oddley.  However, a bunch of flowers from a “secret” admirer soon took her mind off her puppet pal.  Dexter is infatuated with her.  Those Walker men have good taste.

The Walker girl is not having much luck in the romance department.  Romeo informed her that he’s not ready for another relationship.  Maybe next week, Indy.

3 thoughts on “Dex 4 Marilyn 4 eva”

  1. Love Indy telling Romeo some home truths today. He needs to get over anemic Annie. I can’t remember them being so much in love when she was actually around…

  2. I’m sorry but that whole Romeo still pining over Annie storyline so so crap. jesus like, it’s not like they were actually going out or anything. The way Romeo is acting you’d swear they were bloody married with kids and went through some awful divorce proceedings or something. I think they kissed twice max and not even with tongue. What an eejit he is. Sorry, he really gets my goat.

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