Elijah exits

As per usual in Summer Bay, a life changing decision is made in the blink of an eye.  Elijah woke up and was looking forward to his wedding to Leah.  By that same evening he was on his way to a disaster zone in Africa.

Poor Leah.  Yet again a fella leaves her.  She really is unlucky in love.  Two dead husbands, one broken engagement and a son who doesn’t know if he’s human or veejtable.  No doubt she’ll bounce back and will have a new suitor in a week or two.

5 thoughts on “Elijah exits”

  1. Why the hell does the Padre feel he has to leave town to help those in disaster zones anyway? Doesn’t he know it’s only a matter of time before the next earthquake/flood/typhoon hits the Bay and he can be pulling people from the rubble to his hearts content! Don’t leave the world’s most disaster prone town if aid work’s your thing Padre….tut tut tut.

  2. It happens in all soaps, the quick exit. Doesn;t matter if you have lived in the same place for many years, you can tie up the loose ends and leave in less than a day. Look at Aden , Martha, all the recent exits have happened in double quick time. On the positive side, may be the padre will meet up with Geoff who has never been spoken of since he boarded the bus to the missions while back….

  3. I think the poor black widow will probably find herself pregnant in the next week or two….

  4. yes yes, that’s exactly what I thought the minute she said she had to go to the bathroom at the “trial” opening night of Angelos’s restaurant. She said she didn’t feel well and I shouted “SHE’S PREGNANT!”.

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