World class acting

Well, the last scene of that episode was fairly painful.   Elijah nearly leapt for joy when he heard of a disaster overseas.  His holy instincts are to go and help the needy, but what about Leah?  Ah, sod her.

Dr. Shane Given came to town to tempt Rachel away to a life of doctoring in the US of A.  Apparently Rachel switched specialties from psychology to surgery.  A big leap, one might say.

4 thoughts on “World class acting”

  1. That last scene chez Leah was painful alright. It was like the disaster appeared on demand just when we thought things had settled down for the Reverand and unlucky Leah.

    Rachel has specialised in so many ares of medicine that managing a new clinic in the US of A will be no bother to her. She has no family left in the Bay since her brother left(after Sally dumped him at the altar) and her surgeon dad skipped town before the court case. Tony will happily say farewell to Gina and whinging Xavier and as Lucas has disappeared , there is no reason for him to stick around anymore either.

  2. OH NO !! Rachel’s leaving!! She gave the Doc her answer and she’ll be gone by the end of the week. Whats taking her so long, most people leave the Bay in all of 10 minutes. We sure will miss her and Harry. What will Tony do , will he stay or will he go now ?????

  3. Any way of doing a blog on ur fave alkl time character?Rachel won’t be there I’m guessing but Kim and Tony may be!:)

    Fun to find out everyones faves!

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