A creepy wooden demon who doesn’t deserve to see the light of day

Home and Away is returning into Chuckie Down Under. Mr. Oddley rose from the grave that Alf dug for him in the caravan park. Miles thinks someone is “having a lend of” him. That is one of my favourite phrases ever.

“Bon voyage you little mongrel” said Alf as he threw Mr. Oddley into Summer Bay’s deep waters. But the doll emerged through the magic of the washing machine, where Alf found him spinning.

Dr. Sid and Tony are best buds now because Sid stuck up for girl’s boxing in front of Rachel. Sid better watch out, she’s an annoying enemy to make.

Penn is robbing stuff from the caravan park and roundabouts and framing Colleen. What does he have against her?

5 thoughts on “A creepy wooden demon who doesn’t deserve to see the light of day”

  1. Yeah that penn lad is one badass mofo, framing colleen for stealing a watch. what will the writers think of next? maybe he’s her long lost child given up for adoption?

  2. What is Penn’s game though really? Cackling at poor ole Alf on the TV, going through old ladies drawers, seducing the young ones of the village with the most evil come hither face of all time…

    Mr Oddley was hilarious up until the little doll feet thing. Perhaps he’s Miles dead daughter’s plaything? God, why can’t I remember her name? Why do I want to call her Blanket… OH, Rabbit, that was it.

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