Great birthday present


Unbelieveable. Kate Ritchie introducing the Summer Bay weddings of the past. We had a pregnant (with Martha?) Roo running out on Frank, Alf and Ailsa slying off to become man and wife, and Angel miraculously rising from her wheelchair to walk down the aisle. Not to mention Don and Marilyn’s nuptials, and Hayley’s ghost dad giving her away. Hayley was always seeing ghosts. Do yis want a lend?

21 thoughts on “Great birthday present”

  1. Must get hands on same.

    Looking at the link to Summer Bay school dresses tonight, me & mate have decided those are a defo for Halloween. Gonna drink Fosters and flirt and flamin-galah all night long.

  2. oh giz a lend! Deadly! I remember Angel and Shane’s wedding so well, I was about eight and I thought it was the most amazing and romantic thing ever. Completly magical to an eight year old! Now, clearly just shite.

  3. Drew’s Shrew, you know that you are bound by loyalty to this site to provide a picture of you ladies in the school dresses.

    Angel and Shane’s wedding was pretty cute, but Don and Marilyn’s was the best. I think I am in love with Marilyn.

  4. Marilyn is great, the only reason I am watching it at the moment to be honest, finding all the others very boring… I really cant believe she is gonna die, it will be devestating…

  5. Ailsa – its a done deal. Although we may look rather pathetic and old. I want to have Ruby’s hair somehow, might just add lots of plaits & feathers & horses hair.

    I can’t believe Marilyn has a deadline too, can she not stay forever?! Or at least die and immediately come back as some crazy person’s ghostfriend.

  6. I don’t know if they’ll really kill Marilyn off. She’s the healthiest looking sick person I have ever seen. Maybe we should petition them.

  7. Yes, please get a petition going… there is no way she can die (unless she is gonna come back as someones ghostfriend)…

  8. Oh yes save Marilyn!!! I love when she talks about all she did in England……..I just think LIAR you only worked in a pub!!!!

  9. Dear Channel Seven,
    Don’t send Marilyn to Heaven.
    Keep here alive and keep her well,
    Or Home and Away can go to hell.

  10. I have this dvd too!!! Loved Rebecca and Travis’s wedding but Kane and Kirsty’s was just embarrassing. Oh yeah, please don’t kill Marilyn. One of the weddings on this dvd (Chloe’s maybe), Marilyn was living with Irene and they were best buds, thought they’d rekindle that friendship.

  11. What a great thought Drew’s Shrew,how fun would it be to have a Home & Away party. Come as your favourite Home & Away character, past and present, have a BBQ, drink some Fosters and VB, and act like dags and slags. OMG, I’m getting excited at the thought of it!

  12. Yeah we were trying to figure out how to get an Alf head, you’d need a pretty decent bald head mask. But it just could work! Marilyn costume would be easy, tight dress, booby shirt, and belt, with big beehive. Blonde Nicole in slaggy but nice red dress…

    Ooh we need to start a thread about this, with outfit ideas & party piece suggestions!

  13. Yes Channel 7 don’t kill off Marilyn! H&A fancy dress would be the business. Alf – cork hat and slacks, Don – starchy suit, Irene – mad Bosco wig, Leah – ponytail & apron, Marilyn – as described above, plus the red polka dot treble clef earrings, Colleen – dowdy old cardigan and camera roll earrings, Nicole – knee socks and SB High dress, Miles – Hank Williams tshirt, old shirt & eyebrow ring, Charlie – YCPD uniform and silver lingerie

  14. Everyone will have to come to the party with a bad attitude but change their tune after a talk with alf myles or Irene.

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