Month: July 2010

  • Sexy central

    Please play this music while reading this post: So, Doctor Sid is really back in da house.  He valiantly tried and failed to save the life of a young mother, and all of a sudden the nurses love him.  One even slinked up to his house and basically offered herself to him on a plate. …

  • Essential objects of cultural significance: Home and Away

    Intrepid reader Saul sent me this. Isn’t it amazing? I think my favourite item is the stoned crow. Who was Rory?

  • Prisoner Cell Block Summer Bay

    Ah here, Colleen behind bars? I don’t think I can take it. It’s like the saddest bits of Prisoner Cell Block H. He used to give me roses… And as for Xavier and his moping about John Palmer moving in, EFF OFF!

  • A creepy wooden demon who doesn’t deserve to see the light of day

    Home and Away is returning into Chuckie Down Under. Mr. Oddley rose from the grave that Alf dug for him in the caravan park. Miles thinks someone is “having a lend of” him. That is one of my favourite phrases ever. “Bon voyage you little mongrel” said Alf as he threw Mr. Oddley into Summer…

  • Mr Oddley

    What a mad episode.  Marilyn introduced her ventriloquist’s dummy, Mr. Oddley, to Alf, who had a flashback to when he was five and a puppet scared the bejaysus out of him.  Young Alf said “strike me roan” and ran into the arms of his father, who happened to be the mirror image of current Alf. …

  • Meddling ma

    Elijah’s mam is a right dose.  Now she’s telling Leah that Elijah wouldn’t be able for all marriage would throw at him.  Eh, he’s a MINISTER.  Doesn’t he listen to problems every day?  Oh, it’s a masterstroke.  No doubt Leah will think she’s right for five minutes, then rebel against her.

  • Dexter 2.0

    Why do we need a new Dexter?  Maybe the producers didn’t like the previous actor who played Dexter.  Fair enough if that’s the case or if he wasn’t available.  But it seems that not only have they given us a new actor, but they’ve also given him a personality transplant.  His mock Attenbourgh nature documentary…

  • Let me be the one…the great Home and Away theme song tribute collection

    The H&A theme song is one of those instantly recognisable ditties that will stand the test of time.  But which is your favourite version?  I thought mine was the Robertson Brothers’ effort, until I came across these little gems.  Which would you vote for? Personally, I think they’re all inspired.

  • Guess who’s back?

    The Walkers, that’s who.  Sid, Indigo and Dexter have returned to the bay.  What effect is that going to have on poor Nicole?  Sure she has no end of older men to lust after between the good doctor and the mysterious Penn.  Ruby is trying to follow Nicole’s example with her own older man obsession. …

  • Great birthday present

    Great birthday present

    Unbelieveable. Kate Ritchie introducing the Summer Bay weddings of the past. We had a pregnant (with Martha?) Roo running out on Frank, Alf and Ailsa slying off to become man and wife, and Angel miraculously rising from her wheelchair to walk down the aisle. Not to mention Don and Marilyn’s nuptials, and Hayley’s ghost dad…