Month: June 2010

  • Why doesn’t…

    …Liam have a girlfriend around his own age?  He’s a handsome rock star.

  • Dun dun DUN!

    Hurray, Home and Away madness is back! Today’s episode started with the ominous title “Six months ago”, and a shady figure having a great oul’ laugh at Alf on that documentary where he laments the hoons who’ve ruined his town. Fast forward to the present day and there’s a strange new character at the diner…

  • Hugo & Martha leave with a bang

    Martha and Hugo have left the bay like “Bonnie and Clive” according to Colleen. They went on the run after another near death experience with Hugo involved. This time is was the crook cop Eaves who took a pop at Hugo but only managed to clip him in the leg. Charlie and Angelo managed to…

  • It’s a date!

    Hmm, not sure what to make of Alf and Marilyn going on a date.  Although, they would be a humorous couple.  Marilyn could get into scrapes and Alf could grumble about “that flamin’ woman”. Marilyn does like an older man, too.  But it might be a bit weird seeing as Flathead and Alf are best…

  • Poor Hugo

    “You guys are smart and Martha’s even smarter than you”. Xavier knows how to insult his brother.  Talk about a backhanded compliment.

  • This better not be a joke!

    “I need to leave.”  Martha did really say that, didn’t she?

  • God’s gift

    Apparently John Palmer is drop dead gorgeous, according to Jill anyway.  But that whole hiding in the bedroom from Gina story is pretty boring.  No doubt there will be confusion and rows when Jill gets discovered. Hugo nearly got his entire family killed but Rachel seems to be the only one who give a damn…

  • Kidnapped

    What is the story with the kidnapper’s accent? Where is he supposed to be from? Is he Irish, welsh or Australian?  His powers of persuasion were impressive, Gina got in to the car with him without batting an eyelid.  Yet again, Hugo has got his family in big trouble. He’s a walking disaster zone.

  • You’re going to feel the leather of my belt

    AKA wasn’t Duncan an awful brat?

  • Here comes the bride/horse/hospital orderly

    Yay a Summer Bay wedding is impending! I wonder what shenanigans will go down at Elijah and Leah’s nuptials? They won’t be able to beat Sally and Flynn’s hospital ceremony! Or Kim arriving at his on horseback.