Yippee, Marilyn is back and she brought a stray with her! It’s Justin Jeffries, Aden’s brother. I wonder if he’ll move into Nicole’s house?

Alf and Irene explained to some of the blow-ins who Marilyn is. Colleen is holding a grudge because Marilyn dumped Lancey – fair enough, he was an amazing catch.

Xavier wants to live with Martha. For some reason he seems to like slavery.

4 thoughts on “Arrival”

  1. for the first few minutes while jj was walking down the road it was like something out of 28 days later, maybe a zombie apocalypse would liven things up?

  2. Would anyone notice the difference between a regular and zombie collene. They would assume irene was drunk not a zombie. Zombie Charlie would just look confused. Zombie myles would just keep eating. The bay would stay the same really. Except can zombies get cancer or get pregnant? If not that’s a lot of home and aways storylines gone. Zombie Hugo could zombie smuggle tho.

  3. Oh man I LOVE Marilyn, she made me feel all warm inside with her ditzyness and high heeled clatter. Glad she’s back.

    JJ is a SCHWING. I’d let him turn me into a zombie anytime, and we’d wander the streets of the Bay together, arms aloft in front of us, moaning and knashing our teeth in unison. We could be something really special…

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