Month: January 2010

  • Martha’s off

    And she’s only 25!

  • Fairy lights

    In today’s episode, Ruby got Geoff to take it to the next level with her. What was her secret weapon?  Fairy lights.  Geoff loves them, can’t get enough of them, thinks they are dead sexy. Nicole, in the space of about two hours, found out Liam cheated on her, broke up with him, and decided…

  • RTE do a lot of Home and Away news

    Here’s something about Leah – don’t read if you don’t like spoilers oooooooooooooooooooh!

  • Triangles

    “Aden’s the most important person in my life, except for Liam”. So Nicole finally seems to be coping on to the fact that she loves Aden. This love triangle has been bubbling under for a while now.  I expect her to declare her true feelings to Aden, recently bereaved Aden, and he’ll go with it.…

  • Grrrrr

    Ok so Hugo has broken up with Martha in an effort to protect her.  Martha amazingly has discovered that he didn’t really want to break up.  She’ll get the truth out of him yet. Angelo punched Hugo while in police uniform, in the surf club in front of half the town.  Good way to discredit…

  • A new boyfriend every week

    Tessa has Nicole sussed.

  • Trashbag

    Ooh Aden brought a moany bird to the formal and ended up with Silvery Nicole the whole night. Only, when he was about to go in for the kill, he was reminded of Belle and went nuts. Nicole and Liam had their “I respect you, I won’t rush you” talk for about the fifth time.…

  • Nice one Rockstar

    Good one by Liam there; telling Nicole he loves her will keep her around for another wee while.   Wow, he was so busy in that episode, between his supposed “lessons” and sitting on the couch doing nothing. Miles is off the hook with the cops but went mental when he saw a picture of Kirsty…

  • Romeo tops the poll

    It seems that Romeo is the most popular new character with Home and Away Ireland visitors.  Well it’s hard to argue with that as he’s a very agreeable young chap.  And now he’s heading back to school as he’s sick of being a bludge.  I suppose that’s a better way of finding new employment than…

  • Dress like your favourite Summer Bay schoolgirl

    Gillian discovered this, Summer Bay uniforms for sale. Roll up, roll up.