Month: December 2009

  • Separated at birth

    Separated at birth

    I was listening to a football podcast recently and they discussed the similarities between Ailsa and Mark Hughes, the recently sacked manager of Man City. Do you know what, it’s uncanny.  

  • Alf makes up formula for good Home and Away episodes

    Ray Meagher reckons H&A has gone too hardcore and lost its funny edge. Do you agree?

  • Poor Veej

    Well Veej went off the rails in the last episode; he pegged a water balloon at Miles’s car. Leah rightly pointed out that it wasn’t even an original act – Brendan “The Bandicoot” Austin had started the trend when he blinded Roman with a rock and a catapult.  The real issue here, though, is that…

  • Gone to the dogs

    Wow it must be tough being a cast member on Home and Away – it looks like they’re all turning to drugs. EVEN SHANE!

  • The Least Craic in Summer Bay

    Oh look, Rachel won out as the least craic in Summer Bay, with just over 100 of the 373 votes we received! Understandable really, as she fell to whiny, moany pieces once she had a baby. Annie took second place, followed by Jai, Bartlett and Charlie. I’m surprised Kirsty wasn’t further up the poll (no…

  • What is Hugo at?

    Martha is pining after BangBang/BumBum and Hugo is really pushing the “he needs to be with his own people” angle. What’s he at? Maybe HIS INDONESIAN WIFE who just showed up at his and Martha’s house can explain. Gina is very annoyed with JPIII ever since he fired Romeo. That’ll cool his heels alright, but…

  • Meanie

    Wow, that was really mean of Kirsty to run off on Miles like that. I hope she is gone for good, the moany cahhhhh. Uh-oh Romeo was drugged. Liam’s mate is a bit of a dickhead ain’t he?

  • Failure is not an option

    Aden’s leaving now. Boooooo.

  • Martha counts her chickens

    You have to admire Martha for being an organ donor. Unfortunately in her case it happened to be her brain. The election results weren’t announced, but Martha took it upon herself to declare that she was indeed the winner. Tony was told to open the champagne. Surely the counting of the votes was a mere…

  • 503, not out

    Home and Away Ireland now has 503 fans on Facebook.  So give yourselves a big pat on the back if you’re one of that lucky number. If not, then sign up and become a fan a.s.a.p.  We couldn’t have done it without you.