Month: November 2009

  • Fridge frenzy

    Nicole’s trying to force Liam and Aden into being friends.  No doubt they’ll be best mates in no time and she’ll be annoyed that they’re leaving her out. Kirsty and Miles took Harry for the day while Tony and Rachel did their jobs.  That arrangement’s not going to last.  Tony seems to think ignoring it…

  • Case closed

    That Robert Robertson is one smart cookie. He knew that Charlie wasn’t the killer but he arrested her anyway to force Ross to confess. His plan worked like a dream. I suppose it helped that all of his suspects were considerably stupider than him. So now that his job is complete with a confession in…

  • Go a bit further

    Apparently the Home and Away producer, Cameron Welsh, wants to do another episode in the UK.  I say bring the show to Ireland.  There’s loads of surf and Colleen would fit right in with the oul’ ones.

  • This is why Alf is living at the caravan park

    His gaff burned down.

  • Dobber on the loose

    So it seems that Detective Robert Robertson is a little bit smarter than criminal masterminds Xavier and Ruby. He saw right through their cunning plan to provide Charlie with an alibi. He scared slow Xavier into thinking he was a suspect, thus forcing him to admit his guilt on the alibi lie. Poor Xavier is…

  • Robertson poll result

    Here are the results of the latest poll. It appears that Robertson is a legend. Personally, I voted for Vinoire. Don’t forget to vote in our new poll, who is the least craic in the bay? Who’s the driest shite in town?

  • Shame of Summer Bay

    Yahoo, Martha and Palmer are having a right old face-off!  He put up pictures of her pole-dancing (and by the way, where did he get them?), and she responded by putting up similar posters with the tagline “Nothing to hide”.  Nice one Martha.  Who thought that up for you? What did Ross say to Charlie…

  • The reveal

    OK, does Geoff only have one white vest?  And when it’s in the wash, has he no choice but to walk around topless? Xavier is wise to Geoff and Ruby.  He warned Geoff off and after looking mega-confused for a while, Geoff agreed to leave Ruby alone. Ruby’s not impressed though. Nicole is going to…

  • The return of the dream sequence

    I love it when Home and Away features dream sequences.  It’s been a good long while since it’s happened.  You know it’s a dream sequence because of the lovely golden light they use, and because everyone acts MAD in the dreams.  Also, people are often in the nip. Seriously, has Rachel just smothered the child…

  • Martha 4 mayor

    Can I just say: Summer Bay is fecked now.  Martha’ll run it into the ground.