Doing it tough

“Doing it tough” is the current phrase du jour in Summer Bay, and with good reason.

  • Aden’s still doing it tough due to Belle’s death.  Surprisingly he didn’t get over it in a week.  I think the Summer Bay time warp is weakening.
  • Sid is doing it tough trying to ward off Nicole.
  • Charlie’s doing it tough trying to nail Grant for every rape in Oz.
  • Jai is doing it tough because he can’t get his hands on Annie.
  • Ruby’s doing it tough because she can’t decide between Xavier and Geoff.
  • Widower dude’s doing it tough because he has a baby and no wife to help with the childrearing.  Rachel or Leah will sort that out for him.
  • Hugo and Confused Martha are doing it tough because the authorities don’t like their shipwreck idea.
  • Kirsty and Miles are doing it tough because they’re having a babog and only one of them is bothered with it.

Brendan is the only one having any craic; I wonder what Ruby II was wearing when he was talking to her?






6 responses to “Doing it tough”

  1. strikemeroan Avatar

    Alf’s doing it tough because he can’t be bothered listening to all these flamin’ galahs and their flamin’ problems anymore.

  2. Hogan's Ghost! Avatar
    Hogan’s Ghost!

    Everyone is crying like sucky little girls

  3. Flamin' Mongrel Avatar
    Flamin’ Mongrel

    What about Miles’s favourite catchphrase regarding his mental state – “I’m just not in the right headspace.” Aaagghh, it is so cringeworthy.

  4. struth Avatar

    I’m doing it tough trying to solve this damned mystery. I can’t wait much longer for some resolution.

  5. Summer Bay Stalker Avatar
    Summer Bay Stalker

    Classic line from today’s ep from Hugo ‘four words that shouldn’t be in the same sentence: John Palmer, sex tape’. They’re getting shockin liberal about using the s-word in the Bay this weather! No longer is it ‘going to the next level’, nono!

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    They’ll be saying riding next.

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