The baby episode

That episode revolved around babies.  Rachel’s wrecked because of hers, and Kirsty’s just annoyed that she’s pregnant in the first place.  The S word was mentioned twice.  Rachel wasn’t feeling very sexy (poor Tony’s having a hard time) and Kirsty told Leah she was tired because of all the supposed sex she was having behind Miles’ back.  That told her.

There might be a new love interest for Leah in the form of Rachel’s widower dad mate, who she met at her mother’s group.  The group seemed to be some kind of competitive showcase for child-rearing abilities.  Fun.

Jai thought that the best way to woo Annie was to set up a website for her.  Unfortunately, before he presented her with it, he spotted her wearing the face off Dexter.  I wonder what he posted on when he went home?





3 responses to “The baby episode”

  1. gillian Avatar

    not much it seems!!

  2. gillian Avatar

    you think theyd at least buy the domain and throw up some crappy pics of annie or something. shoddy work channel 7

  3. strikemeroan Avatar

    Well considering Jai’s ‘amazing computer skills’ don’t seem to extend beyond setting up Spont Me pages that was probably the best he could do.

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