Roman saves the day

Hardcore Harris is some man. He one-handedly convinced Aden to marry his dying bride, FROM JAIL. I’d say he’s running the joint in prison, with those powers of persuasion.

I do love a Home and Away wedding; they never pass off peacefully, do they? Belle’s dress was a bit of a puzzle, nicely non-bridal but also non-nice. Martha’s guna was a holy show. She looked like a flamenco dancer gone wrong. Irene did her hair for once, and Nicole nearly cried all the water out of her body when the wedding finally got underway.

Great to see Morag back; she was having none of Hugo’s vagueness, at all, at all. Her eyes nearly bored through him at one stage.

Charlie got run over; no doubt this will have very dramatic consequences – seeing as it came out of nowhere.

7 thoughts on “Roman saves the day”

  1. Is it just me or was the wedding in the same place that that shane died? was expecting belle to pop her clogs right there on the spot.

  2. Ah H&A fashions, very important.I liked Belle’s dress alot for some reason. She looked purty. Pity about Aden’s lace shirt?! *yak* I spotted Leah’s whoreish red shoes and was pleased. What was up with Nicole’s weird boob encasers though? What a strange dress.

    Morag is an oracle. Just how bad is Hugo going to be revealed to be?!

  3. sorry but can not understand why they axed roman he was the best and the whole thing with him and leah was just starting to get interesting. i mean if they want to wield the axe look at Angelo, Hugo, Xavier. Big mistake home and away and the whole gardy storyline ridiculous beyond belief!!!

  4. Hmm Joanna sounds like you were fond of oul’ Roman. I missed him today alright when Nicole was welling up. He was a good character but I think he just wanted out. Pity because he was RAPID.

  5. Roman was a ride, end of story.

    Also, just wait for the return of Gardy. That was all too bloody easy for him to disappear off the wharf.

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