In the kingdom of the blind

“Even blind Freddy could see that love.”

Who is this blind Freddy that Irene keeps banging on about? Apparently he’s quite observant. Maybe he’s not blind at all. It’s a pity that he’s not on the school trip to the bush as he might have spotted Trey making a deathlist and Jai succumbing to an infected gunshot wound. Yet again, a field trip turns into a disaster. Why does anybody ever leave the bay?






4 responses to “In the kingdom of the blind”

  1. struth Avatar

    I love Irene’s sayings. I think at this stage they even rivals Alfs. That schools insurance costs must be sky high, what with all the disasters at school events. Tho I bet the school doesn’t have any insurance, it was probably Kirstys job to post the money and she stole it for sweets instead.

  2. Suse Avatar

    Snort: Hugo came out with a classic this evening: ‘What’s with Angelo? He’s been all over me like a fat kid on a cupcake’

  3. strikemeroan Avatar

    Maybe Kirsty stole the money to stock up on contraceptive pills – in GIANT packets

  4. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    All notices, files, police reports, pill packets etc are written in MASSIVE WRITING for the poor H&A residents. Even Blind Freddy could read them from a far distance.

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