Month: August 2009

  • Shane would be disgusted

    Apparently Melissa George can’t remember her name of character on Home and Away. What a disgrace.

  • In the kingdom of the blind

    “Even blind Freddy could see that love.” Who is this blind Freddy that Irene keeps banging on about? Apparently he’s quite observant. Maybe he’s not blind at all. It’s a pity that he’s not on the school trip to the bush as he might have spotted Trey making a deathlist and Jai succumbing to an…

  • Such vanity

    We now have, because we’re dead popular.

  • TMI

    Did you ever wonder what kind of labour Holly Brisley aka Amanda Vale would have? Me neither. P.S. It’s Woman’s Way isn’t it?

  • Clint Eastwood the Indonesian

    I wish Belle would hurry up and tell Aden she’s on the way out. No doubt she’ll drag this out ’till the wedding and tell him on the altar or something. She may as well go back on the drugs. Irene can go on the grog when she finds out and the two girls can…

  • “Everything’s finally coming together for us”

    Ah Aden. Ye big thick. You can’t be saying that kind of thing in Summer Bay. If you do, someone dies. But at least Belle got a big sparkly ring before the off.

  • Give me my detonators!

    So Trey is going to make a bomb. Great. He’ll probably blow up the bush and start a fire. And two people will be starving to death but will still be able to make a baby in the woods. Oh wait, that happened already. Summer Bay needs a John McClane. I nominate Tony. Miles can…

  • Annie is the only one in the bay who gets it

    “You guys are never going to learn from your mistakes. You always cover up even though you get found out in the end.” Poor Jai and Xavier are lacking in the street smarts compared to Annie, the brains of the Campbell family. She seems to be the only one in town who understands the universal…

  • Bang bang

    Oh dear, Xavier shot Jai.  Jai walked in front of him as he was trying to get a jammed shotgun to fire. Darwin award for both of them. I bet Bruce Campbell is laughing his head off in Aussie heaven. Hmm Charlie may get around but she’s a lot more self-aware than Martha is. She…

  • Peroxide Piranha

    Good quote there by Irene; she reckons Mrs. Lou is a “peroxide piranha” and is after her money. Unfortunately it looks like the tax man might get there first. Angelo Risotto is getting suspicious of Hugo; do you think Hugo killed Lou? Oh great, Xavier and Jai found a load of guns. This is going…