Month: July 2009

  • The new crowd

    Here’s an article about the new family ag teacht. It says Da Walker is a serial philanderer. Who will he go for first? Martha? Charlie? Leah? Leah hasn’t had a story in ages. Also he’s a doctor. I wonder if he’s just a general doctor or if he can also do surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics and…

  • Get a wriggle on…

    …Irene’s going to be in panto in York!

  • Galway (disg)races

    Here we go again, poor oul’ Home & Away cast aside so RTE can broadcast skinny eejits lepping around on horses. It’s a torture not to watch ahead! I might have to get a life for a while!

  • Woo! Home and Away is 21!

    Ahh Home and Away is 21. That’s mad. But Martha didn’t show up. Looks like Miles and Don are on the lock – watch the video halfway down.

  • Speed demon

    What was Hugo thinking? Ok it was a quiet country road, but how did he think Xavier would be able to get away with driving without a license? He should have remembered the golden rule that nobody ever gets away with anything in summer bay, unless they are evil. An ordinary character who tries to…

  • Grudge List

    I see Trey is forming a list of people who he has a grudge against. He’s like Father Noel Furlong. What he’ll do with the list is anyone’s guess. Well done Jai on forming the mini-riot, as Miles called it. So Lachie is the father of Claudia’s baby. I nearly fell off my chair in…

  • When hormones attack

    Jai has a raging horn on him. How long will he be able to keep it in check? He’s seen Ruby and Xavier get ready to “take it to the next level” and fuelled on alco spiked punch, he wants some of that action. Unfortunately for him, Annie is resistant to his teenage charm or…

  • Deed poll

    I actually think Colleen should change her name to Colleen Smut.

  • Just weird

    Kate Ritchie has become Miss Vaseline in Australia. Who could we have for our Miss Vaseline here? That mechanic one out of Fair City, maybe.

  • Digital disaster

    Oh no, Youtube seems to have banned the uploading of Home and Away episodes. Or Channel Seven has. Either way, we’ll have to make do with the RTE player, which is always a day behind, or, *gasp* watch it on actual TV. But we’ve no cable or Sky or nathin’. Boooooo.