Killer Fish

Colleen played a blinder in that episode. Not only did she proclaim to Hugo that there was a “killer fish” about (thus providing him with an excuse for his wound), she also referred to Angelo as Officer Risotto again.

What is Hugo playing at? He’s soooo mysterious. He gets badly wounded, heads home, crawls around on the floor for a while, has a chat with Colleen, and only then does he decide to go to hospital. Then, he lies about his wound, saying it was a shark bite, which handily ties in with Colleen’s theory. Rachel wasn’t convinced though. She should join SBPD.

Martha built up the courage to tell Angelo he’s a disgrace to the uniform. She forgot that Jack insulted the uniform every time he wore it, with his flagrant disregard for the law.





4 responses to “Killer Fish”

  1. Stephen Avatar

    I heard Colleen say “Angelo Risotto” but I just thought it was her accent. I busrt out laughing when she said it and my mam just looked at me as if I was insane!
    OOH I wasnt keen on Hugo when he first arrived but hes turning into a right dark horse! And Martha!!!!
    She sleeps in a shed all night and when shes rudely woken up, she just throws on her boots and gets stuck into work!!
    Talk about Work Motivation!
    Love the blog!
    Stephen xx

  2. Belle Avatar

    Is it only me or Officer Rissotto looking hot? It must be that uber bad killer thing

  3. Shantelle Avatar

    OMG Angelo looks soooooooooooo hot in that uniform!!

  4. strikemeroan Avatar

    I dunno….he’s good-looking, but the uniform makes him look a bit like the Terminator

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