Roman rage

Poor auld Roman. Even his Aussie SAS skills can’t help him deal with his new found blindness.  And sure didn’t he go and take it out on everybody else.  Myles, Kirsty and Leah were only trying to brighten his arvo with some top tucker but he wasn’t having a bar of it.  He was more interested in beer bottles than snacks.  It was up to Kirsty to set him straight with a serve that Leyton Hewitt would have been proud of.  It’s about time he bucked his ideas up and stopped feeling sorry for himself.






2 responses to “Roman rage”

  1. andrew Avatar

    go kirsty.roman needed a dose of reality.being blind
    is not the end of the world or an excuse for treating his
    friends like crap.i’m surprised the diner hasn’t gone out
    of business with its chef all their serving is toast and ommlettes.:)

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Seriously he’s so moany. He should do a Grey’s Anatomy on it and figure out the source of the trauma.

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