Month: April 2009

  • Mystery ahoy!

    Fair play Orlagh for reminding us of this – they say there’s going to be a really dramatic storyline which *deep voice* will change the Bay forever. My bet is on an Alf-Colleen-Bartlett love triangle but you can vote in the poll on the right.

  • Good acting

    I think a mention should go in for the chap who’s playing Brendan, that’s pretty good acting for H&A!

  • What’s happened to Rachel?

    I think one of her fellow doctors at the hospital has played a trick on her. While she was asleep or distracted, somebody has surgically attached her hand to her pregnant stomach. Maybe it’s just superglue but watch her from now on, she never removes it.  

  • Key to the door

    Home and Away is 21!

  • Irene to Belle

    “You get your boney butt back here girlie!” 

  • Lady love

    Well Hogan’s ghost,  the Charlie and Joey storyline has finally come to fruition, with a double-lady kiss.   Gaelick have a good summary.  Wait till Colleen gets a load of this, she’ll leave holes in the roof of the Diner with all the inevitable bobbing about.   Let’s hope Summer Bay keeps these ladies in town for…

  • Oh GAWD!

    Irene’s date offered her a glass of very posh wine on their first date down the docks.  The background music hummed ominously as she accepted it, but she did put it aside.  Oh my gawdfather, will she fall off the wagon to win Lou’s heart?

  • Local lingo

    Our friend Paul got a Home and Away magazine; there was a good round-up of Alf expressions in it.

  • Tug of war

    How long are Kirsty and Kane going to keep treating Ollie as a bit of old rope?  One of them steals him from the other who subsequently robs him back. Sure the poor creature doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. Is Colleen the most formal person in Austrailia?  She addresses Charlie by her full…