Booooo Seven

Seven Network cuts lesbian kiss after backlash over Home and Away






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  1. andrew Avatar

    it was bound to happen.apparentley parents think
    their kids will see two girls kissing and turn gay.its actually
    pathetic.home and away has stalkers,pole dacing drugs,unplanned
    pregnancies but wont show a smooch between 2 women.
    its society’s call at the end of the day i guess.

  2. Bobbi Avatar

    Home & Away is actually trying to turn the world gay…thank god they came to their senses before we all start snogging every girl we see any time any place…..
    Crisis averted Australia and the world we never know about gayness because they are not showing this kiss! I’ll sleep safe in this knowledge that other girls wont be breaking down my bedroom door trying to jump me…. tional rid

  3. Fitz Avatar

    for those us you who are missing Jack, why not buy yourself a limited edition vest to remember him by…

  4. Bobbi Avatar

    How scary are those Jack tshirts?? Why lord why?!!

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    Oh holy night they are mad. And look at the moody picture of him on the left:
    Sorry Paul you’ll always be stupid Jack to me.

  6. Ailsa Avatar

    “The painting is about the dichotomy between Paul O’Brien and his famous alter ego Jack Holden, an identity created by Channel 7 and the public”

  7. Flamin' Mongrel Avatar
    Flamin’ Mongrel

    Priceless! Why does it say “Nicole” on the bottom right of the vest? What would you do if you actually met someone wearing one of these?!

  8. Struth Avatar

    What other home and away fashion wear would you buy. A coleen hat for any special occasion. A martha head scarf. A Sam wedding dress – one size fits all. A myles check suit, food stains optional.

  9. Fitz Avatar

    rumours are abound that martha is to use the insurance money she received after jack died to buy up the complete stock of 200 vest made and were one a day during her grieving period…

  10. Flathead Avatar

    I don’t know why there was a reaction to this lesbian kiss as Shannon was shown doing something similar. Why such an uproar this time?

  11. pity_noah's_dead Avatar

    I would most certainly buy a summer bay high uniform. An actual Australian school uniform site, do sell them but sadly Bruce informs me that though they do get a lot of enquiries from the UK and Ireland…” I think its more popular there than here. Might be the weather…..” there are minimum order numbers etc bla bla bla….. expensive.

  12. Emma Avatar

    Wtf i cant believe they’re gonna cut that storyline that is a loada bo**ox if ya ask me, people who complain about it wud wanna cop on to themselves and move on with d times… or just dont watch it if u dont like it… seriously!

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