Scent of a Derro

What is it about Miles that makes him so attractive to the ladies? First there was Leah who couldn’t resist his charms, then he moved onto Kirsty who fell for him a week after her husband went to Jail and now Leah is back into him again. Not bad for a Derro. Maybe it’s his smell that drives the summer bay women wild. In today’s episode Miles asked “did I just let one rip or what?” Much better than CK one or Old spice.






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  1. andrew Avatar

    lets face facts.Leah’s husband is dead and kirsty’s is in the clink.
    they are obviously desperate.did anyone catch when martha told roman and charlie.Quote
    “you guys mean so much to me”.where the hell did that come from.ok roman but CHARLIE!!!!
    charlie has never been close to martha and she hated martha for roman drooling over her.
    people forgive and forget quickly in home and away.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    I think people are high in H&A. That’s the only explanation.
    Remember when Dan died and Irene said “He was like a son to me”.
    Yeah ok – if you’ve only spoken to your son twice.

  3. Flamin' Mongrel Avatar
    Flamin’ Mongrel

    Well, considering Irene’s track record with her kids Dan and her were very close. Poor old Damian never gets a mention these days.

    In other news, has anyone heard the rumour that Pippa is coming back full time? Why? It’s ok when she shows up to support Sally when she gets stabbed or married but do we really need her on our screens every day?

  4. Struth Avatar

    Maybe irene used to secretely beat dan? Debra Lawrence must be feeling the recession too!

  5. Gillian Avatar

    Miles is a total hottie! And ya, Charlie and Martha were never friends! I wish Martha horse face would just die already! And take Melody with her to the grave!

    Leah is a hussy who’d hit on anyone. Hussy!

  6. Fitz Avatar

    Was listening to the radio in my car just there and Tom Dunne on Newstalk just had a Home & Away quiz to celebrate Australia Day… only heard the first contestant on the quiz as the second one seemed to have got cold feet and hung up… the questions were ok, I would have got them all but the first guy only got 2… if only I’d heard about it when they were looking for people to enter…

  7. Joe Avatar

    Were the last 2 episodes of H&A the best in years? Methinks so.

  8. Ailsa Avatar

    Ahh feck I missed that quiz and I normally hear a bit of Tom Dunne in the mornings. Boo.
    These are good episodes alright but jeepers Summer Bay gets all of its drama at once!

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