Bad news for Aussie justice

Fitzy’s going on maternity leave.  No doubt when she returns the SBPD station will be a deep and smouldering crater, after the chaos that Jack, Charlie and Angelo inevitably wreak.  The Keystone Cops would make a better fist of running the town.

Poor Belle getting battered.  Angelo’s wall punch was impressive, but I wouldn’t like to be him when Irene hears.





3 responses to “Bad news for Aussie justice”

  1. Flamin' Mongrel Avatar
    Flamin’ Mongrel

    Does anyone know how many cops work at SBPD? Fitzy, Jack, Charlie, Angelo, the kind of butch girl, I think there’s a Chinese fella, and a few others. So at least 9 or 10. How many people live in Summer Bay? All the crime is directed at about 15 select residents. Do they really need that many cops? I suppose they probably need a few people on the “Cleaning up after Jack” desk.

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Oh I’d say they put in long, long hours at the “Cleaning up after Jack” desk.

  3. Belle Avatar

    Lads, they work at the Yabbie Creek Police Station, Summer Bay doesn’t have one!

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