Month: January 2009

  • Apparently being in H&A is awesome

    So these people say .

  • Scent of a Derro

    What is it about Miles that makes him so attractive to the ladies? First there was Leah who couldn’t resist his charms, then he moved onto Kirsty who fell for him a week after her husband went to Jail and now Leah is back into him again. Not bad for a Derro. Maybe it’s his…

  • Bad news for Aussie justice

    Fitzy’s going on maternity leave.  No doubt when she returns the SBPD station will be a deep and smouldering crater, after the chaos that Jack, Charlie and Angelo inevitably wreak.  The Keystone Cops would make a better fist of running the town. Poor Belle getting battered.  Angelo’s wall punch was impressive, but I wouldn’t like…

  • Good news

    Ooh, two pieces of good news in that episode there.  Rachel is pregnant, so she’ll stop moaning about being barren.  Plus, Kirstie and Miles are back together, which inevitably means more deadly fights. The preview reveals that Belle gets battered.  Our money is on those meanie developers.  Not on nice cop Angelo. I hope Alf…

  • I am confused about a number of things

    Who is looking after Ollie when Kirsty is swanning around Miles’ house? Didn’t Melody already have a storyline like this where she slutted up and was flirting with boys in the surf club? Have Ruby and Charlie totally forgotten about their da? Are shots of vodka typical break-up drinks?

  • Charlie warns Jack

    “You nearly crossed the line Jack”. When was he ever any other way? He lives so far over the line that he can’t even see it.