“Questionable hairstyle” was what Mathilda’s Uni room mate said when she saw the photo of Ric. Not half.






5 responses to “Finally”

  1. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Maybe he wrote it into his contract that he has to keep the hair. Let it go Ric, let it go…

  2. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    Ah come on! Where’s the thread about last nights show?! Funniest H&A episode ever. From Kirsty’s bra & pants, to the extreme headshaking, eye rolling and snack eating of Miles, to the overacting of Martha’s hands, glued to that new baby bump of hers….

  3. Ailsa Avatar

    Ahhh we went on holiday and are way behind! I want to skip ahead but me fella is having none of it!

  4. Drew's Shrew Avatar
    Drew’s Shrew

    You went on holiday Ailsa?! How dare you, you have a commitment to US. You’re as bad as RTE2, next you’ll be posting about the damn football instead of beloved H&A.

  5. Ailsa Avatar

    Ahh sorry. I was, eh, on a Home and Away research mission.

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