“The baby’s stressed – I can feel it”

According to Martha, her baby is developing at warp speed. It has emotions all of its own and not only that, but Martha can magically sense what the baby is feeling. Awesome. I shouldn’t really poke too much fun though, she’s not having much of a laugh at the moment. She has been properly punished for her poledancing anyway.

I think we must be a couple of episodes behind, but we were just treated to a fairly weak face-off between Nicole and Kirstie. Not sure what Nicole’s problem is there.

Tony is grand and ready for action, according to the mickey doctor. No doubt Rachel will be pregnant in jig time. Maybe that will stop her adding medical strings to her bow. Today’s episode revealed that she is an anaesthetist as well as a surgeon, GP, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and probably obstetrician. Well, who do you think will deliver Martha’s troubled tot?

3 thoughts on ““The baby’s stressed – I can feel it””

  1. Do you know that Martha and some other Home and Away guy, are in the Australian version of Strictly Come Dancing? She’d want to go easy on the dancing, if she’s with child.

  2. Would martha even think twice about that? I’d figure she’d be more worried bout losing her hair. Nobody likes a bald stripper. Ha rachel just said she’s not a cancer specialist! She must be doing those exams next week or something.

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