Ric’s choice

It’s a tough one to figure out. Ric has to choose between going to WA with Mathilda or spending his days with worms and maggots. Yes, that’s right, Ric has chosen the maggots. I think that I might have gone the other way and given Perth a chance. Maybe he’s afraid that they’ll make him cut his hair in Perth. They plan to try a long distance relationship but I can’t see it lasting. He’ll get a phone call in a few weeks and Mathilda has met somebody else and moved on. Poor Ric will have his worms and maggots to comfort him though. That’s worth more than any hot girlfriend.






2 responses to “Ric’s choice”

  1. Belle Avatar

    What is it with Ric’s hair? He clearly spends half an hour blow drying it into those wispy fly away styles, more for the maggots to nest in I think! Speaking of dodgy hair, I noticed Kirsty’s is starting to smooth out a bit, some product has been applied. Is this because of a fledgling love interest between her and Bartlett or at least unrequieted love on his part?!

  2. Ailsa Avatar

    Ric’s hair is the bane of my existance. It hurts my eyes. There is no explanation for it.

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