Back to the Bay

Our last poll revealed that 95% of us missed H&A terribly during the Olympics.  Watching the Summer Bay antics is the only way we got to see a bit of sun this summer.

But what of the 5% who welcomed the break?  What did they do with their time?  Perhaps they took up gardening, or wrote H&A fan fiction.  It’s a long shot, but maybe some of them watched the Olympics.

What did you do instead of watching H&A?  I filled the time very productively, by, eh, watching Frasier.

4 thoughts on “Back to the Bay”

  1. I made up episodes in my head for an half hour each day! Ok no i didn’t. I tried watching Neighbours but couldn’t deal with it. I actually can’t remember what i did. I think it was too traumatic an experience for my brain to deal with and it had blocked out all memory of the 2 week break. What do you mean it wasn’t on for two weeks? When was that? 🙂

  2. I missed home and away terribly.i even forgot what was going on when it started back.
    i mean did anyone even watch that much of the olympics.i personally only saw the womens marathon
    and some swimming but i dont think it was an excuse to cancel home and away for a month.
    Stupid RTE!!!

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