Month: September 2008

  • Finally

    “Questionable hairstyle” was what Mathilda’s Uni room mate said when she saw the photo of Ric. Not half.

  • True that

    “Men focus, women fuss. It’s the nature of things” according to Ross when Irene asked him how he had time for a coffee on the morning of his wedding.

  • Aussie SAS

    It seems that the Australian special forces are not quite as secretive as their British counterparts. Holding a sign up might just give the game away.

  • “The baby’s stressed – I can feel it”

    According to Martha, her baby is developing at warp speed. It has emotions all of its own and not only that, but Martha can magically sense what the baby is feeling. Awesome. I shouldn’t really poke too much fun though, she’s not having much of a laugh at the moment. She has been properly punished…

  • Ric’s choice

    It’s a tough one to figure out. Ric has to choose between going to WA with Mathilda or spending his days with worms and maggots. Yes, that’s right, Ric has chosen the maggots. I think that I might have gone the other way and given Perth a chance. Maybe he’s afraid that they’ll make him…

  • Back to the Bay

    Our last poll revealed that 95% of us missed H&A terribly during the Olympics.  Watching the Summer Bay antics is the only way we got to see a bit of sun this summer. But what of the 5% who welcomed the break?  What did they do with their time?  Perhaps they took up gardening, or…