Month: August 2008

  • Jack cops on

    Poor Jack – he may not be Martha’s baby-daddy. To be honest, it’s probably better for the child if he’s not. I’d wager Roman’s DNA is substantially better than Jack’s. For one, Roman’s got the cooking gene. He’s also an all-round nice guy. Jack’s child would be a little slow on the uptake to say…

  • Mad painting for sale

    Some poor woman has done a painting of Jack with the number seven on his face.  She must be deranged.

  • Scratch that Olympics idea

    We now know what Morag is up to on holidays; she has taken over a vineyard in South Africa and is churning out wine by the vat.

  • I miss Home and Away

    Where are all the Summer Bay residents gone? I can only suppose that they’ve all taken off to Beijing to compete in the Olympics.  The competitors and events are probably as follows: Saving people from improbable disasters: Alf Eating competition: Miles Make-up application races: Morag and Nicole Fussing: Leah High jump: Colleen Hair-growing: Ric Partner-swapping:…